The company was founded in 2017 by a group of enthusiasts with the idea of ​​creating their own copyrighted unique products. The main idea that was pursued was the creation of truly hardcore games. And we did it!

The product that we create is really liked by our players, precisely for the idea, and we are very pleased. Millions of users around the world have already appreciated our responsible approach to creating high-quality games, and a rather dynamic game. We see a return and interest in our products, and this fuels our ambitions to create something more and ambitious)

Today we are proud of the opportunity for the dynamic growth of the company and attracting employees for interesting projects in the two countries Bulgaria and Ukraine.

We can safely say that we are learning, and do not stop doing this to improve our product.

Our main mission is the uniqueness of games that have no analogues, as well as the pursuit of the goal to give joy to the game process.

We are very attentive to the thoughts of our players. If you have any suggestions and suggestions for improving our work and our products, we will be glad to consider your proposal that you send to the email address: byv.games@gmail.com.